Best Social Media Campaigns

We establish a unique presence for your brand and expand awareness.

We establish a unique presence for your brand and expand awareness.

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Why Choose Us?

Running a Compelling SM Campaign is a Crucial Marketing Technique

Being up to speed with the best practices & strategies for SM marketing, we follow a detailed process before launching your campaign, starting with creating target customer segments, relative content, posting frequency, and determining the best communication channels for reach, campaign tactics & KPIs.

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SM Management & Content Creation

Analyzing different SM Channels in terms of both qualitative and quantitative perspectives for the brand & it’s competitors to select the most convenient ones, set a full strategy for the campaign including community management, content creation & publishing, moderating pages, monitoring performance and collaborating with key influencers.

Media Buying, Listening & Reporting

Developing paid Ads strategy that fits the market & target audience needs including proper selection for the campaign type & targeting options to reach the campaign KPIs based on the planned budget for all SM channels as well as search engine networks, in addition to tracking all campaigns on daily basis & put required action plans accordingly.

Our SM Marketing Services Will Distinguish Your Brand Among Competition.


Sample Work

-reach new horizons-

Our goal in the group is to raise awareness among doctors to better know the disease of immune platelet deficiency and how to diagnose it and methods of treatment, and on another axis of the goals, the group aims to inform the community about the disease and its symptoms and the specialized centers to reach raising the cure rates for patients.

BalashSuda3 goal is to raise awareness of the different types of headaches, the causes, and ways to prevent them, especially migraines
– Raising awareness of migraine headaches in Egypt
– Helping and Educating Migraine Patients
– Encourage patients to share their experiences with migraine

HayahGedeedaNovi is a page created under the auspices of Novo Nordisk and in cooperation with the Egyptian Ministry of Health, to provide information on how to live a healthy life and better manage diabetes as well as responding to followers inquiries throughout page moderators.

Saja pharmaceutical sponsored this page to promote the product Vardena for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, aiming to raise awareness of the product and open a channel of communication between the brand and current or potential patients in order to positively affect sales and usage of the product.

MSD Egypt
MSD Egypt official page on facebook, better known as Merck in America and Canada, it is an innovative and leading global healthcare company committed to improving global public health. This page is created to raise awareness of the company, and launch health related campaigns specifically in Egypt.

Med Consult Egypt
Med Consult Egypt is the Egyptian sole agent of Medtronic Minimed for “Insulin Pump”, our focus is on diabetic patient’s health, need & satisfaction. We are committed to the cause of health. Acting with ethics & responsibility is weaved into the very fabric of who we are.

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