E-Learning Platform

Ease of learning whether it is an interactive e-learning platform or uploaded courses.

Ease of learning whether it is an interactive e-learning platform or uploaded courses.

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Why Choose Us?

Where Learners Can Get Access to Educational Material Anytime!

E-learning has proven to save time, money & leads to better results as it gives flexibility for learners to move at their own pace with all the educational materials available for them to access at anytime, being aware of this value we use the latest technologies for creating a beneficial learning experience.

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Design & Content Visualization

Professional content visualization from an expert team of designers who learn about the material included to find the best visuals to aid communicating the information.

Interactivity & Course Progress

Our team works on interactive designs that helps the learner engage with the educational materials while showing the progress of the course & the current session.

Development & Hosting

Full development for e-learning platforms to run on targeted devices, as well as online web-courses that supports flexibility of access based on business needs.

Content Management & Updates

Management of the content provided for the educational materials, and the flexibility of updating the uploaded content or adding new content as needed.

Using the Latest Technologies Specific to the E-Learning Platforms.

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Sample Work

-reach new horizons-
Multiple E-Learning Projects
Interactive Platforms

We have had many successful interactive e-learning platforms fully developed with great functionality and easy to use structure.

  • Educational material categorization & structure.
  • Visualization, design, branding & voice over.
  • Development, quality assurance, testing & maintenance.
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Boehringer Ingelheim
Online E-Learning Program

Working with Boehringer Ingelheim in their campaign “angels” promoting awareness for proper handling & early diagnosis of stroke patients with educational materials from certified professors & specialized doctors in the field.

  • Website structure, feature list, pre-registration.
  • Branded clean design & development for responsive online learning website.
  • Maintenance, content management & uploading new content.
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