Medical Regulatory Services & EDA Approvals

Content validation & creation in compliance with the Egyptian Drug Authority guidelines.
Content validation & creation in compliance with the Egyptian Drug Authority guidelines.
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Medical Regulatory Services

Specialized team with extensive experience in the management of the Egyptian Drug Authority approval process for many years resulting in a very high approvals rate for all types of medical content delivered to HCPs or patients.

- Actual Work Statistics -
Our Approvals Rate in 2020

95% of submitted projects
successfully approved.

Approvals Rate at Oct. 2021

95% of submitted projects
successfully approved.

19 Major Companies in 2021

Currently actively working
with 19 major companies

Active Projects at Oct. 2021

Handling of 161 active
projects in different stages.

Currently Managing EDA Approvals For

EDA Approvals Process

Adapting to each project needs we can manage the whole process of delivering EDA approved medical content or work on each stage separately, starting from the business brief & content creation to finalizing approvals.

Medical Content

Medical Content

Content to EDA

EDA Comments

Finalizing EDA

Our diversified teams help deliver all types of content.


Digital Approved Content

Emailers, launchpads, social media campaigns, websites, mobile apps, Mass SMS, & Radio Ads.
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Printed Approved Content

Flyers, leave-behinds, booklets dosage cards, banners, rollups, & event mockups.
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Professional business collaboration & project execution

With our immense expertise in the medical department, medical regulatory services & marketing, you can easily spot our work in each of the different departments we run, utilizing all specialties to serve the business objective within the selected project and helping you reach new horizons for success.

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